Wind Force Table

Wind Force

Beaufort Scale of Wind Force

ScaleForce RatingObservable Land EffectsSpeed MPH
0Calm Vertical Smoke 1
1Light Air Slight smoke drift 1-3
2Light Breeze Leaves gently rustle 4-7
3Gentle Breeze Leaves and twigs move 8-12
4Moderate Breeze Raises paper moves small branches 13-18
5Fresh Breeze Sways small leafy trees 19-24
6Strong Breeze Sways large branches 25-31
7Moderate Gale Trees sway 32-38
8Fresh Gale Broken twigs, walking impeded 39-46
9Strong Gale Chimneys, slates, hoardings damaged 47-54
10Whole Gale Trees Blown Down and Considerable damage 55-63
11Storm Major Damage 64-75
12Hurricane Very dangerous tropical whirling winds 76+